Switch2 is a standalone, single door access control unit from Paxton. A Switch2 control unit is fitted on the secure side of the door, with the reader fitted on the other side. The Switch2 control unit stores all of the access permissions for users within the unit; meaning that even if the reader is tampered with, the door remains secure.


Installing Switch2 is extremely simple and quick; colour to colour wiring and great functionality makes Switch2 ideal for installers who want to fit a standalone system with added security.

Customers need minimal training to manage their Switch2 system. All user tokens in the pack are immediately valid once the system has been enrolled. Lost or missing tokens can be simply barred at the door using our unique shadow card system and when using Paxton proximity readers, you can even set up simple zoning restrictions to control user access to certain areas around a site. 

Switch2 is compatible with a wide range of stylish and functional Paxton readers and keypads, and reads both cards and keyfobs. It can also be fitted with a hands free interface for convenient access with hands free tokens.

Switch2 offers a secure solution for customers wishing to control access to internal and external doors, who do not need the reports on users movements provided by a PC based access control system.

Paxton Switch 2 Controller

SKU: 405-321