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When you are working on a new commercial construction project or the refurbishment of existing premises, instructing an approved electrical contractor to handle all aspects of your installation makes a lot of sense. It will reduce the time you spend managing your project. Juggling different contractors, each working to different deadlines and specifications, can be stressful, costly, and unproductive.

TFP has a wealth of experience in commercial electrical installations. With its teams of highly skilled and trained electricians and data cabling experts, you can be sure every aspect of your installation is being carried out by a workforce who are specialists in their field.

TFP is accredited by NICEIC  which means all work carried out is to the highest standard and is fully guaranteed. TFP specialises in all aspects of electrical installations:


Full Electrical Installation Service
Are you in need of electricians to carry out all types of commercial works.
TFP LTD has a certified team of experts to carry out all kinds of commercial and domestic electrical works from surveys, inspections, and circuit board installations to rewiring, PAT testing, and emergency repairs in different locations such as London, Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, etc.
You can be confident in choosing our services as a result of our uniqueness which includes no hidden charges, no-obligation surveys and quotations, and 24/7 emergency call outs
We work expressly with business owners, letting agencies, landlords, and property management agencies, facilities managers, engineering managers to bring solutions to electrical requirement or issues.


Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. You need to ensure that your tenant(s) – or anyone entering or using your property – are not put at risk, by ensuring that the electrical installation remains in a safe and serviceable condition.

  • In a commercial environment the landlord and employer have a duty of care over employees and the premises. The Electricity at Work Regulations requires that an electrical installation should be adequately maintained in order to prevent danger as far as reasonably practicable. An E.I.C.R. provides evidence that these safety check have been carried out and provides a prioritised plan for any remedial work

  • Insurance companies are increasingly insisting on periodic inspection and testing of the electrical installation in insured premises

  • New premises - purchase or lease. Confirm that the electrical installation is safe and in suitable conditions for your needs when purchasing or leasing premises.

  • Fire or Flood - If your property has experience major damage it is wise to get the electrical installation checked and the results properly documented. This then provides a prioritised plan for any remedial work

A periodic inspection is recommended every 5 years for most commercial premises - some premises require more frequent inspection and testing (see the table below). We regularly carry out these important safety inspections and provide our clients with a full written report known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (or E.I.C.R

A E.I.C.R checks the condition of an existing electrical installation against BS 7671, the UK Standard for the safety of electrical installations. A periodic inspection should:

  • Discover if electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded

  • Identify potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards

  • Find any defective electrical work

  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding


P.A.T Testing
British law (United Kingdom) demands that all electrical systems, (which include electrical appliances) are maintained to prevent danger. However, it is recommended that all commercial installations and electrical systems are inspected regularly in any place people work or a public building.
PAT Testing means what?
Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T) is the process in the United Kingdom by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety via a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. Testing involves a thorough visual inspection of the equipment and any flexible cables for good condition, and insulation soundness between an exposed metal and the parts carrying current.
Why do I need to test my appliances?
PAT test carried out by our team of London electricians is the best way of ensuring the safety of your appliances. This test is a better way to ensure your devices are meeting their legal obligation as instructed by the law and to maintain the safety of your properties.
Is there any penalty if I don’t meet these legal obligations?
There is always a penalty for the violation of any law and obligation. The default to this could attract a penalty as high as unlimited financial sanctioning or 2 years’ imprisonment as the case may be.
We will provide you with a team of skilled, competent and certified electrical contractors in Birmingham and other areas such as Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Bath, and Bristol who work satisfactorily on commercial installation service to carry out the P.A.T Testing for your company


 Electrical faults may put you at danger and the risk of electrical fire as well as business down time. These electrical faults are a safety and health hazard which needs immediate attention and intervention.

We have a qualified and certified team of electricians who can come to your rescue when you have a short notice to trace and repair these faults. We have highly skilled commercial electricians with many years of experience in fault-finding in any commercial properties across Birmingham and its environ such as Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, etc. These skilled electricians will find your fault quickly and proffer solution to it


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